What hours are you open?

See the home page for our store hours.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, debit cards and credit cards.

What type of books do you accept/not accept?

We accept "mass market" or "premium mass market" (standard-size) paperbacks.

We do not accept books that have :

  • marks,
  • clipped corners,
  • holes punched in the corners,
  • covers that are torn/faded,
  • stickers,
  • loose pages,
  • water damage,
  • stains,
  • or that are dirty, sticky, warped, or bent. 
  • We also do not accept hardbacks, library books, magazines or ones that are oversized/undersized. 
  • We also reserve the right to refuse any book.

What types of books do you have?

We have sections for general fiction, romance, historical, western, adventure, fantasy, science fiction, war, military, non-fiction, true crime, mystery, horror, paranormal, thriller, suspense and young adult.

How many books do you accept at one time?

We accept two bags of books per day for credit. 

Do you buy books?

We do not pay cash for books, only store credit.